Emergent Quantum Materials and Technologies EQUATE

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A banner placed outside Jorgensen Hall with a photo of the EQUATE leaders that reads: Congrats to Nebraska EPSCoR-EQUATE on a $20M NSF Award.

EQUATE’s main research goal is to bring Nebraska to the forefront of scientific discoveries and innovation in the design, synthesis, growth, and use of materials and hybrid systems with large-scale quantum properties for applications in sensing, metrology, communication, and information processing.

This project focuses on research and workforce development to advance knowledge on topics related to quantum materials, technologies, and computation. Quantum materials are a new class of materials that exhibit quantum phenomena at macroscopic length scales and are expected to advance the technological landscape through the advent of quantum technologies. These new technologies will revolutionize fields such as information technology, medical technology, and cryptography, with an impact on security areas such as defense and banking.

EQUATE consolidates the quantum science and technology expertise of 20 faculty researchers across four Nebraska research institutions, establishing collaboration and feedback between theory and experiment to guide discoveries and expedite the findings of new emergent quantum materials and phenomena.


Participating Institutions

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