Spring 2024 Meetings

January Meeting - (1/31/24)

Adam Erickson - FRG2
(Abdelghani Laraoui’s group)
Magnetic imaging of room temperature skyrmions in composition gradient engineered CoPt single-layer films

Spring 2023 Meetings

April Meeting - (4/19/23)

Bo Zhang - FRG1
(Yinsheng Guo’s group)
Simple Visualization of Universal Ferroelasticity in Lead Halide Perovskites

Syed Qamar Abbas Shah - FRG1
(Christan Binek's group)
An Investigation of the Magnetoelectric Monopole Response in Chromia

March Meeting - (3/15/23)

Bharat Giri - FRG1
(Xiaoshan Xu's group)
Anomalous Hall Effect in Platinum/Nickel-Cobaltite Bilayer

Suvechhya Lamichhane - FRG2
(Sy-Hwang Liou's group)
Studying Spin States of Single Nano-Rods of [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4) Spin-Crossover Molecules Using Diamond Quantum Sensing Microscopy

March Meeting - (3/1/23)

Adam Erickson - FRG1
(Abdelghani Laraoui’s group)
Scanning Diamond Probe Microscopy of Antiferromagnetic Domains in Chromia

David Loos - FRG3
(Jonathan Wrubel’s group)
Temperature Measurements of Ultracold Potassium Atoms

February Meeting - (2/1/23)

Jia Wang - FRG1
(Xia Hong's group)
Shawn Wimer - FRG2
(Eva Schubert's group)